Mission Statement

We want to contribute to a positive multicultural society by organizing events that bring people from all backgrounds together in Cork and surroundings. Recent research suggests that the arts, culture, and the humanities are essential to Community’s quality of life, cohesiveness, and development. . Bringing people together by organizing events such as cultural nights, Valentine’s ball, children’s summer party and educational programme like “How smart is your kid”,  will attract people of all nationalities to participate, thereby creating one global happy family.


We aim to create the conditions for multiple cultures to live together , engage in cross-cultural dialogue and avoid segregation. Being free from racism and discrimination are key indicators of integration in society. Racism in all its forms hinders the realization of a person’s socio-economic and cultural rights, and is detrimental for society as a whole. Our aim is to realize a free society without any form of prejudice. A country that will live together in harmony and focus on what we have in common rather than what makes us different.

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